Just a quick update for everyone, talked to Thad yesterday and he will be calling McCoulough today to get the porta potties removed and lot 22 cleared of all the crap. He posted the 2017 financial info on the patriot website, which is printed and will be handed out to all shortly.

I am getting the website tweaked, just a bit slower than i hoped but it is coming along.

The next meeting is set for May 20th at 300 pm at the same location. If we get a quarum 1/3 of 34 we should be able to get this rolling.

Lastly, Thad gave me the gate company and they walked me through the software to control it. Thad is getting me the login info and we should be set to update everyone and control the gate.

I would love to have had some of this completed already but Sunday we had a busted water line and have been busy with that.

Author: Brad


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