Hello neighbors. Just an FYI, on the Patriot website, they have posted the By-Laws for the Villas, as well as the Platt, and it states Covenants, but those are not pulling up and I’ve notified Patriot to repost those for us. These are updated as of today.

There will be a flyer in your mailbox tomorrow. There is a meeting scheduled for Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 4:00pm here in the addition, the flyer will give location. This is the initial meeting about the Villas taking off the HOA very soon and we also want to get names and phone numbers, etc. to get a directory put together for everyone. Just so everyone is aware and this we will talk about, there will be an HOA for Chisholm Ranch and an HOA for Chisholm Ranch Villas. We are now two separate entities.

We feel it is time to get together and hear concerns along with all the good things, and answer what questions we can at the present time. Myself and my husband, Kent Coleman (we live directly across from the gate) at 10350 will help get things going. Brad Brugger was going to lead this meeting, but he is currently hospitalized, and will be fine but may not be attending. We have been visiting with him, and have the information he has been given by Thad and also the Developer. This will be the first of many meetings.

We hope as many people as possible can make this meeting, we have some important things to talk about. Look forward to meeting everyone! Michelle Owens thank you for starting this page!!! Any questions before the meeting, please message me here, or you can call me at (918) 344-7228.

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