Gates, Lights and Sprinklers!

CRV Neighbors,

Many things happening this week and I wanted to bring you up to speed and share some info.

You probably noticed the gates are now remaining closed, that is because we have finally got a keypad installed for exiting on foot. Check your email for the code, it was sent out yesterday. If you did not get it check your spam folder to make sure it did not go there. If you need it please email me.

A couple of important reminders now that the gates are closed. UPS and FedEx require that we supply the code on our own orders when we order thing shipped by them. The post office already has their own code, so they should be ok. Everyone should already have their own gate codes and remote openers. If you do not have a code or have forgotten it just send me an email and we can get it squared away.

As for the lights, out of the 11 entrance lights 3 were working. Earlier this week Jim Bohanon and I installed 4 LED replacement lights in. These are working very well and should me much cheaper to maintain and they use much less electricity. We have the other 7 on order and will be installing them next week.

Sprinklers are not your friend! 🙂

We found several sprinklers broken and out of adjustment. Two were just gushing water and have for quite awhile. All of those have been repaired and adjusted now. We should see a good decrease in the water bill from that.

Finally, we have the bank accounts in our hands now. We can get started figuring out were we are and getting a budget in place. More to come on that once we get our arms around it.

The next HOA Board meeting is set for July 15th at 300 pm location TBD.

Have a great Weekend!


Author: Brad